Himalayan and Persian Cats

 About Gil-V Tales:

Our Focus:

As breeders, our primary focus is on producing healthy pets. All of our cats are pets first, and show cats second, and as such we want them to have long healthy lives.

All of our cats get health screens at least once a year which includes an EKG screening, a complete blood chemistry profile, urinalysis, and fecal examinations. All vaccines are given by a licensed veterinarian (we do not vaccinate ourselves). All cats that are used in our breeding program are DNA tested for PKD.

Our kittens are examined by a veterinarian at least three times before leaving our home. They will have received the age appropriate vaccinations and have at least two negative fecal exams. Our kittens are dewormed with pyrantel every three weeks beginning at 3 weeks of age and continuing to 3 months of age. Whenever possible we prefer to keep the kittens until they are 16 weeks old so that they can complete the full series of vaccinations before going to their forever homes. And all pet cats will be sold with an alter agreement. Pet owner are expected to have their kittens altered (spayed or netered) before they are 6 months old. 

While we are aiming to produce cats that conform to the CFA and TICA Persian breed standards, we do avoid breeding to the extremes. All cats used in our program have healthy noses with good sized nasal passages.

Our History:

Scott and I purchased our first Himalayan (DAL-BO's PIED PIPER of GIL-V TALES) in December of 2011 from Harold and Diane Boettcher of Dal-Bo Persians. At our first meeting I told Diane I was interested in learning to show, and asked if she would be willing to become my mentor - I had no idea of the adventurous road that first conversation would lead me down. Harold and Diane become close friends as well as mentors, and people I am thankful to have had in my life - they both taught me so much about the show world as well as the kitties I adore. Without Harold and Diane, Gil-V Tales would not exist, there is no possible way to thank them for all they have done for us, they are truly incredible people, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to know and love them, and their cats.

Gil-V Tales is a small cattery located in Cary, NC. (Near Raleigh)

We are members of both CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association), and actively show our cats in both organizations. All of our litters are registered with both associations. 

We are very fortunate to have the support of Parkway Animal Hospital, and will proudly recommend their services. Cat shows often take us out of town, but our kitties now have a fabulous Aunt Hillary to watch over them while we are away - Best in Show Pet Sitting spoils our cats (and dog) while we are away. If you are in need of pet sitting she's wonderful!!

Our cats are members of our family, and are treated as such. We occasionally have kittens for sale as pets as well as retired show cats. Please visit our adoption page to see who is currently available. Thank you for your interest!

Lauren and Scott Gilvey of Gil-V Tales