Himalayan and Persian Cats

TICA Reginoal Winner, Supreme Grand Champion / CFA Champion




Born March 21, 2017

Black Persian Male (Color point Carrier)


DNA Tested: Polycystic Kidney Disease and Feline GM1 Gangliosidosis Negative

(See Kumba's full DNA Profile Here)



CFA: Kumbaya earned the Title of 

  • Champion (27JAN2018)

TICA: Kumbaya has earned the following Titles: 

  • Champion (02DEC2017)
  • Grand Champion (03DEC2017)
  • Double Grand Champion (03DEC2017)
  • Triple Grand Champion (17FEB2018)
  • Quadruple Grand Champion (18FEB2018)
  • Supreme Grand Champion (18MAR2018)


TICA 2017/2018 Awards:

   International Awards:     

  • 3rd Best Black Persian Cat of the Year 

   Regional Awards:   

  • 17th Best Cat of the year
  • 8th Best Longhair cat of the year
  • Best Persian Cat of the Year
  • 24th Best Kitten of the Year
  • 3rd Best Persian Kitten of the Year

Thank you Ruth Willet (Riverbin) for this gorgeous crazy boy! (And Justin and Eric (Cuzzoe) for picking him out for us - he is so perfect)

Kumba's Pedigree

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