Penny of Happy Tails Cotons

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Meet Penny of Happy Tails Cotons, born on 06MAY2021 and bred by Kim Marie Stein in New York. In July 2021, I flew to NY to pick her up and bring her home. Penny is a sweet girl but is a bit timid, being a pandemic puppy. However, she’s incredibly smart and easy to train. As a puppy, Penny was black and white but has faded to a lovely silver. She’s an outstanding mother, enjoying her pups. Penny has been OFA tested for Heart, Eyes, Patellas, Elbows, and basic cardiac. Her PennHip evaluation for hip dysplasia yielded a DI score of 0.49, below the breed average, indicating a lower risk. Additionally, her Embark DNA testing shows she’s free from all known genetic disorders.