Applications currently being accepted for our next litter of puppies

3 Male Puppies were born on FEB 22; Applications welcome!

Penny of Happy Tails Cotons from Gil-VTales & Cedarwood’s precious Jasper from Xceptional Cotons

Both Jasper and Penny have been DNA tested through Embark which includes CDDY, and passed their OFA & Pennhip health exams (eg hips, elbows, patellas, and eyes). Their breeding was approved by MCPC based on breeding diversity (COR and eCOI).

Penny OFA Results; Jasper’s OFA Results

YETI: Tri-color Male; 1st born

Yeti is a Tricolor male. He was the 1st born, so far he is the largest of the litter. He seems very adventurous and inquisitive. He is more then willing to wonder off and explore.

YODA : Black and White Male; Middle

(On Hold – New name: ELLIOT)

Yoda is black and white male. He’s the middle pup. Yoda is perfectly happy to cuddle and hanging out with mom. He’s already got the ideal Coton pigmentation on his nose. Should be a cutie!

YANNI: Tri-color Male; Last Born

Yanni is a mostly white tricolor male wearing a cute little brown cap.
He’s the youngest of the litter, and is very content to be held and cuddled.

Puppy Enrichment Programs

At Gil-VTales we do a lot with the puppies to ensure they will be well adjusted and ready to go off and make wonderful pets!

At 3 days old we begin practicing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) with the pups. Studies have found that puppies that have been exposed to ENS exercises have

  1. Stronger Heart beats
  2. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
  3. More tolerant to stress
  4. Stronger adrenal glans
  5. greater resistance to disease

They have also found stimulated puppies were more active, more willing to explore the world, better at problem solving and had more confidence then puppies who were not exposed to ENS. Learn more about ENS here.

Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture training and enrichment programs.

We follow the protocols and guidelines provided by the Puppy Culture program.

This program begins on day 3 – day 16 with ENS. At 1 week of age we do lots of handling and one on one cuddle time with the pups. At 2 weeks old we begin to introduce various textures for tactile enrichment. Their bedding is frequently changed to expose the pups to lots of different surfaces, and a variety of toys are added to their world. The goal is to introduce 1 new item per day until the puppies go home.

Once they start to respond to sounds (age 2-3 weeks) we introduce various household noises, such as the vacuum cleaners, pots and pans, background music, TV, hair dryers, etc. Introducing the puppies to low level noise stress at this age allows them to experience noise stress before they learn the fear response. At this age we will also begin exposing them to a bit of grooming. They will have nail trims and combing / brushing. When they start to show an interest in mom’s food (2-3 weeks) then we will start to introduce canned food and begin offering treats with a clicker (this is known as “loading” the clicker for future clicker training).

At around 3-4 weeks we will give them their first bath and blow dry. When they start walking and are able to move out of the nest to eliminate we add a patch of turf for them to use to eliminate. This is the very beginning of house training.

When they are confident at walking we will introduce various barrier challenges – putting items in their way that they have to get around / figure out how to interact with the world.

At around 5 weeks puppies will have their 1st fear period, so all of the stresses are minimized, and interactions are positive. As the puppies grow we frequently invite friends over to visit to handle the pups and expose them to other people.

At around 6 weeks we will go on a car ride with mom to experience travel.

At around 8 weeks (after their 1st vaccines) we will go to visit a small group of co-workers in a safe environment to get a chance to be handled by other folks, hear new noises, smell new things.

(** This section is still under construction ** )

Sending Our Puppies Home

Puppies will be sent home with

  • Embark for Breeders DNA profile
    • Each puppy will be DNA tested, and their DNA report / weblink provided to the new owner.
  • Microchip
    • Puppies will have a AKC Reunite microchip implanted
    • The owner will be given instructions to register the microchip
    • The breeder is permanently listed as a back-up should the pet ever get lost
  • Madcap University Training Program – Lifetime access
    • This is an at home training program / video series to help the owner continue with the training program that the breeder has started
    • There is also a pod cast and social media group for additional training support
  • Exam / Vaccine / Deworming
    • At 2 weeks old the deworming protocol begins, and puppies are treated with pyrantel every 2 weeks until they go home
    • All puppies will be examined at ~ 5 weeks old to ensure they are healthy before a deposit is collected
    • At 8 weeks old puppies are again examined and vaccinated with DA2PPv
    • All vet exams are recorded on a Gil-VTales report, and sent home with the owners
  • Trupanion Insurance
    • Puppies are sent home with a “Go Home” day offer from Trupanion
    • Owners are encouraged to activate this program before taking their puppies home, as this gives them an initial 30 day free trial period to ensure the puppies rea healthy
  • Food
    • A recommendation email will be sent to the new owner from Royal Canin that will include an enrollment option to receive food on auto-ship at a discounted rate directly from the manufacturer
    • A sample of food will be sent home
    • A free “Puppy Pack” from Royal Canin will be included
  • Toys / blanket / brush and comb
    • Items that smell like mom and the littermates will be included in the puppies go home bag
  • Health Guarantee / Contract
    • The contract will include a health guarantee as well a lifetime commitment to the new owner to always be available for puppy related questions or inquires.
    • Your new puppy will always be part of our family, so we are here for you as much as you need us!

Delivery / Pickup

Arrangements maybe made to have your puppy delivered or to pick them up at our home.

Delivery will be provided at the owners expense + a small delivery fee

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