Update July 2023 …

All of our kittens for this year have been matched. We do have a couple of retired adults available now or soon. Kumba – black male persian – may be available at the end of July, following post neuter in home evaluation. Hazelnut – Tortie point Himalayan female – may be available at the end of September, following post spay in home evaluation. If you are looking for kittens, please check back in spring 2025.

Our Focus:
At Gil-V Tales, our primary focus is on producing healthy pets. All of our cats are pets first, and show cats second, and as such we want them to have long healthy lives.

All of our breeding cats get health screens at least once a year which includes an EKG screening, a complete blood chemistry profile, urinalysis, and fecal examinations and all vaccines are given by a licensed veterinarian. All cats that are used in our breeding program are DNA tested for PKD.

Our kittens are examined by a veterinarian at least three times before leaving our home. They will have received the age appropriate vaccinations and are dewormed with pyrantel every three weeks beginning at 3 weeks of age and continuing to 3 months of age. Whenever possible we prefer to keep the kittens until they are 14 weeks before going to their forever homes. And adult pet cats will be altered (spayed or neutered) prior to leaving.

While we are aiming to produce cats that conform to the CFA and TICA Persian breed standards, we do avoid breeding to the extremes. All cats used in our program have healthy noses with good sized nasal passages.


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